Maaghdalena D.

A Name Change: Darrest instead of Dakkert

In The Amsterdam Harpsichord Tutor I I recorded two compositions, attributed to Maaghdalena Dakkert: Rigaudon (no. 82) and Prins Eugenius Mars (no. 116). Recently Tom Brockmeier pointed out to me, that the family name Dakkert should read Darrest or D’Arrest. Moreover, it is not at all certain that Maaghdalena Darrest also composed these pieces herself. The role of Paulus Matthysz in this context was very modest. He sold notebooks printed with empty staves. The complete music book, which belonged to Maaghdalena Darrest, will soon be published on the website of The Dutch Clavichord Society, with commentary provided by Tom Brockmeier.

Klavierboekje van Magdalena D’Arrest